First Impressions.

When I first started to get into programming it was quite difficult to wade through all the options. With little to no experience really with computers I was left a little lost on how to get started. I searched around the internet, read some articles and felt a little bit more confident as to how to start. Following the advice of others I picked Python, bought a book  and got down to some studying.

My progress has been steady, maybe a little slow for my liking. But things have been moving and that’s enough for now. Holding down a full-time job with irregular working patterns and keeping up with my personal life, all whilst trying to learn has been difficult. There is nothing more frustrating than struggle to find to time to sit down and code, and then finding that a single bug with occupy the whole time! But everything is a learn curve I guess and things usually aren’t meant to be easy.

Anyhow, a few months later and I was working with GUI and starting to see something developing from the time I was putting in. Being able to actually show my wife something a little more interesting than the words on a screen was great.

And then I decided to switch from Python to Java.

Very quickly I understood what people were talking about when recommending Python as a great language for people who want to learn. The readability of Python is really great and wasn’t really something that I could gauge without having anything to compare it to.   Python really does make a lot of sense and the ability to interchange data types fair easily saves a lot of headaches.

The syntax of Java is a little more complicated and is taking a time to learn, but I think for now I’m going to stick with it. I really did like Python but I always felt that there was something lacking with it. I’m not sure what and I’m not even sure that I wont find that with Java. But I see why people recommend sticking with one language and learning that really well.

Hopefully I’ll be able to have something to show for it pretty soon, Python has given me a fairly solid foundation, so once I’ve got to grips with the syntax things should progress from there.

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