About Constructive Code

URL – Will be changed after 61 days! This blog orignally was my work page so the url reflects that and will change eventually.

This blog is intended to be my personal journal as I wonder into the digital world.

I was first introduced to programming from a former housemate, Gin, back in 2016. He taught me a few things using Arduino. Getting some control of a few basic electronic components and making a (almost)semi autonomous car were my first steps. However, I was a little aimless with things and kind of paid less attention than I should have.

Fast forward to October 2017. After a few false starts and massive life changes, I found myself back with a micro-controller and a fresh attitude. I quickly found myself at a bit of a loss. I was able to follow the tutorials that I had found online and things were working, but I didn’t really understand what I was doing, and trying to get things to work how I wanted to was frustrating.  It was then that I decided that a new approach was needed.

Whilst on holiday I found a few resources and really started my journey. Learning the basics of computers and how they worked were the foundations that I realised i was lacking. After returning home I ordered Python Programming: An introduction into computer science by John Zelle. And the rest has followed.

My first few posts will be documenting what I have achieved so far and then from there everything will be posted as I learn.

So if you are also a programming newbie as well or just want to see my journey, then follow me.

Any pointers or criticism my email is below.